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BRODIER Jean-Etienne (President)

It is a fortunate visit to the RCRC Museum that brought me to the RCRC family in 1994, as a volunteer of the Geneva Red Cross, then 11 years in the ICRC in the headquarters and then in the field, and since 2006 the International Federation as Senior Officer in organizational development, manager of a Capacity Building Fund and Secretary of the Empress Shôken Fund.

I have done a Master in Humanitarian action and a Diploma in non-profit management. In 2009-2010, I have helped the University of Geneva to create a Certificate of Advance Studies for voluntary organizations' managers and am in charge of the module Understanding strong voluntary organizations.

I joined the Association of Former ICRC delegates in 2006 and had the pleasure to become coordinator of the Geneva Chapter in 2010.


KOOTZ David (Vice-President)

David Kootz has a legal background. He joined the ICRC in 2002 and worked there until 2008. He started at the legal department in Geneva, researching for the Customary Law Study. He then went on the field as a delegate in Burundi (2003-2004), in Iraq/Jordan (2004-2005), in Afghanistan (2006) and in+ Israel and the occupied territories (2007-2008). His function within the ICRC were mainly oriented towards protection activities.

In 2008, he settled in Belgium and worked for two years as programme director for a Belgian NGO working in the field of justice, mainly in the African Great Lakes region (RCN Justice & Démocratie). Since 2010, he is director of a centre for the reception of asylum seekers for the Belgian Federal Agency Fedasil.

He joined the AAD upon the creation of the Brussels chapter in may 2010. He was elected as member of the executive committee in May 2011. He collaborates with the animator of the Brussels chapter to organize regular events in the European capital.


BUENZLI Kurt (Treasurer)

Kurt originates from eastern Switzerland and lives nowadays together with his wife, a former ICRC anesthesiologist and his children in Sarnen OW. He studied history at the university of Zurich and has been working for 25 years as a history teacher and historian. He does research in social and economic history as well as autobiographies.

In 1988–90 he took the opportunity to work for the ICRC in Afghanistan. The unique experience of this mission induces him to join the Zurich section of the AFD, where he is now a member of the executive committee. Similarly he gets involved with the periodical meetings of former delegates in Bern and in Swiss high schools he reports on his experience as a delegate of the ICRC.


GRABER Claire (Webmistress)

After a long career at the service of the ICRC (1986-2000), I went back studying Health Economics and Management. I then worked as a Research project coorfinator at the University of Berne on HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

I now work at the Swiss Red Cross in the department of Health and Integration as an expert in professional training.

I joined the association in 2001 but have been active in the Executive Committee since 2011 when I took over the webmaster job.


ERB Jacqueline (Secretary & Communication)

When I decided to join the ICRC in 1990, I did not know that this employment would define my life for more than ten years. Ten enriching years involving missions in the Middle East, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Africa. On my return to Switzerland I worked for another ten years as a Communication Manager and Media Spokesperson in various international companies. Today, I am self-employed as a coach and mediator and the owner of Erb Communication with an office in the heart of Basel.

I believe in strong networks such as the ICRC Alumni and am happy to be able to contribute to bringing people together and let them benefit from contacts with colleagues all over the world.


TONOLI Cédric (Secretary & Communication)

Je me nomme Cédric Tonoli et je suis né à Genève le 7 aout 1971. De par mon expérience dans le monde de la communication (RP, journalisme et médias) et de l’humanitaire (CICR et MSF) je souhaite m’engager pour une cause qui associe ces valeurs. Je pense sincèrement que la notion d’humanitaire ne se limite pas à quelques années sur le terrain. A mon sens, les idéaux associées et développées dans ce genre d’engagement perdurent bien au-delà de la fin de son contrat. Il importe de savoir les conserver d’autant plus que ce sont des notions qui peuvent servir de fil rouge dans la vie.

Si je m’engage dans cette aventure c’est parce que j’ai la ferme conviction qu’il est important de maintenir un réseau efficace et performant des anciens délégués. Un réseau qui permet de rebondir en cas de besoin, mais aussi de maintenir les valeurs acquises. Entretenir cette flamme qui nous unit tous par-delà les frontières sur la base d’un idéal partagés. Je pense contribuer activement à ce projet à travers mes bonnes connaissances du monde de la communications et des medias.



Chapter Valais : Late autumn event in Sion

From now on, the Chapter Valais is waiting for you to register for November 11 event in Valais, for a guided tour of the old city of Sion

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