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Our aims and ambitions

The Association of Former Delegates of the ICRC grew out of informal meetings in the early 1980ies and was officially founded in 1983.

Organised in five sections at first, the association had approximately 180 members after one year. The following years led to a reduction to three sections, while membership increased to currently over 700 former delegates of the ICRC.

The 2009 General Assembly decided on a revision of the statutes in order to simplify the legal structure of the Association. The three sections are now in the process of being dissolved and will be replaced by "Chapters" which members will freely create around the country according to their needs and wishes.

Their aims are :

  • to maintain contact among each other
  • to establish a network of professional contacts
  • to support the ICRC and its ideals
  • to give assistance in recruiting candidates for the ICRC
  • to help delegates leaving the ICRC.

Their ambitions are :

  • to develop a dynamic network of individuals with common ideals willing
  • to support each other
  • to establish a continuous dialogue between the ICRC and society as a whole
  • to offer an attractive program to our members be it social, recreational or cultural
  • to support the reintegration service for ICRC employees through our network of contacts
  • to widen the reach of the association to everyone's benefit through recruiting new members
  • to open an international section for former delegates no longer resident in Switzerland or neighbouring countries.



Chapter Valais : Late autumn event in Sion

From now on, the Chapter Valais is waiting for you to register for November 11 event in Valais, for a guided tour of the old city of Sion

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