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Message from the ICRC alumni executive committee

Dear ICRC Alumni members, dear friends,

The Executive Committee hopes that 2016 is starting well for you and your loved ones. All of us, members of the Committee and Chapters’ leaders, look forward to continuing our activities together this year, while bringing the Alumni to the next level.

As you know over 700 members in Switzerland, Belgium and elsewhere regularly keep in touch and network through social events, or keep on leaving our shared values through social or humanitarian work. Our network is progressively becoming more dynamic and our image is accordingly reinforced in the perception of our prospective new members and the ICRC. But this is only the beginning of our journey to adapt to the evolution of the ICRC and our times.

Following the decision of members at the General Assembly to open our network to former ICRC employees worldwide, we are currently working on piloting the creation of chapters. We hope to be able to share good news in the months to come. In a second phase, we will be sharing a methodology to create chapters to allow those of you interested to contribute to our development to contact former colleagues and check their interest to create a chapter wherever they live. Let’s give ourselves the collective challenge to at least have a dynamic chapter in the 10 biggest ICRC delegation spots worldwide by 2018, and 15 by 2020, with 1000 members.

In parallel, we are working on promoting communication between members through social media. A Facebook page is currently being created. We will then consider having a group on LinkedIn and see how these two are used by members. We are also looking into technical possibilities for proposing increased interaction on our website.

Finally, we are very pleased to inform you that the Chapter Lausanne has kindly agreed to organise the next General Assembly. You may already book Saturday 21st May till you receive more information about this major annual event. From what we are hearing about the preparations and enthusiasm of the organising team, it is likely to be a grand cru! We are also discussing about how we can make it more participative, particularly at a moment when the Alumni is shaping its own future. From that perspective, a main focus will be about ensuring sufficient space for chapters to learn from and be inspired by each other.

We count on you to be advocates for the ICRC Alumni through convincing former colleagues you know to join the alumni. The more we are the more dynamic we can be in helping those who quit ICRC today, the more impact we can have in our social or humanitarian activities, and overall the more fun we can have together!

Last but not least, don't forget to pay your membership fees by in order to keep access to our web site and updates, using the following link: The membership fee is 50.- CHF per year. You can see in your profile what is the stand of your membership.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Warm regards,

The Executive Committee
Brodier Jean-Etienne
Buenzli Kurt
Erb Jacqueline
Graber Claire
Kootz David
Tonoli Cédric



Chapter Valais : Late autumn event in Sion

From now on, the Chapter Valais is waiting for you to register for November 11 event in Valais, for a guided tour of the old city of Sion

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